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I'm not an expert in the filed, it's just an analyses of the case according to my limited knowledge. ANDROID'S ENCRYPTION Android supports two modes of encryption; FDE and FBE. FDE encrypts whole block device i.e. userdata partition using Linux kernel's dm-crypt framework, while FBE is based on fscrypt available since Android 7. From data recovery's aspect,...


I had same issue with my Galaxy Note 1, this happens mostly because of the reasons such as, Software Bugs, Software Manipulation, Stuck After An Update, Malfunctioning Apps or Defective Memory Card. The Solution for this is pretty easy you just have to Wipe Cache Partition. Wiping the cache partition of your phone allows you to remove the cache files which ...


If you don't have rooted phone, you can not do it. Problem is in PS, in most cases you need to change settings of PS. So tap on three dots in right upper corner, go to Speed Mode and turn it off. Speed Mode can reduce battery consumption and speed the PS, but it also disaable Google Play services to achive that.

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