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Use this tag if your issue is with any kind of data to be transferred between Android devices (e.g. contacts, messages, app data) -- except for those having dedicated tags like 'file-transfer'.

What is covered by this tag?

The 'data-transfer' tag basically covers moving any kind of data between devices (, app data, messages like e.g. , etc) -- except for flat files.

Related tags

  • : used for moving a file or a set of files from one device to another through the use of common techniques such as USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.
  • : issues with using the File Transfer Protocol
  • : transferring data via a mobile connection (2g/3g/4g)
  • : the Secure Shell can also be used to transfer files
  • : for keeping data synchronized between devices (and the cloud)
  • : a wired protocol which can be used to transfer data
  • , , : issues specific with these wireless standards