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How does WhatsApp's Delete For Everyone work for photos?

When someone (e.g. an administrator, the sender) deletes a photo for everyone, the respective file on the internal storage will be automatically deleted when the recipients' WhatsApp is online. This ...
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Delete Files from Directory that are Older Than a Given Time

Have you tried using a regular file manager and choosing to sort the items on their modified date? I would recommend using Solid Explorer because I know with it you can long press a file, then scroll ...
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How can one delete all text message threads except for a few ones on Pixel 6?

Be aware in newer versions of Messages, you can go to Profile Pic - Message Settings - Message Organization and enable the option "Auto-delete OTPs after 24 hours"... this can help a lot. ...
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How do you delete thousands of text messages at once?

Here is a non-root way to delete all text messages: adb shell content delete --uri content://sms/inbox Tested and works on Google Pixel 3/Android 10. You can also delete some text messages using a ...
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