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Can you test apps on a google locked phone?

No... Assuming by "Google Locked" you mean it has an enforced Factory Reset Protection which requires the previous owner's (or last active) Google account credentials. When this is active you cannot ...
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Can I install Ruby and Ruby on Rails on an Android?

As for ruby, you may try Termux. With batteries included. Can you imagine a more powerful yet elegant pocket calculator than a readline-powered python console? Up-to-date versions of perl, python, ...
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Make an Android app keep its spot on the home screen on uninstall/reinstall

Not quite what you asked for, but you could put a Tasker shortcut on the home screen, and have that task just open the app. You could also have that task try different package names in order to ...
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What makes flashing ROMs risky?

As Death Mask Salesman pointed out, you need to be sure that the flashing process itself doesn't overwrite the partition table or the bootloader. But even if the flashing itself doesn't cause an ...
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Does anyone know how to install Android SDK/NDK on Ubuntu VirtualBox?

Those console warnings are not relevant here. Your first screenshot tells you exactly what's wrong — you're trying to install something without first installing what it depends on. You should ...
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How to use Visual Studio Code on an Android device?

The open-source version of VS Code is called code-server. To run it on Android (without root) you will need: Termux from F-Droid as changes to the Google Play Store policies are no longer compatible ...
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How to use Visual Studio Code on an Android device?

VS Code does not yet exist for Android, so there's no way to run it for now. There are some other good editors though, such as CodeAnywhere that you may be able to use in the meantime.
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Compile apps from GitHub source on device via Termux or apps?

any app's ... that can compile apks on device from github source? The command ~/buildAPKs/build.github.bash can build nearly an unlimited number of APKs which are available at GitHub today and is ...
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Removing an app protected from uninstall by password and with System Owner permissions?

Of course you can uninstall from the safe mode. Disable the authorization in the Device Administrator first. Step for booting in safe mode: From any screen, press and hold the Power key. Touch and ...
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Where is color information stored in android apps ?

Under values > color.xml Your themes file ( values > styles.xml ) can link specific colors from this file like follows.. Style Script .. <style name="AppTheme" parent="Theme.AppCompat.Light....
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How to block other apps to Open .Only My app will be open when android is strated

You may be looking for LockTask Mode. For more info, see corporate-owned, single-use setup
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Is it possible to give root access to some apps without unrooting smartphone?

Your wording is not very clear, so I'll answer base on my understanding. Nearly every root management app (or custom ROMs with root) allows you to deny root access to certain apps and grant for ...
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