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Why am I not able to select VLC player from inside the BubbleUPnP app?

If the issue is not fixed yet, try installing "App Picker Classic" and click on Clear defaults in the app menu. It should fix the issue. At least It worked for me. A
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UPNP over the internet?

This does not work because your phone does not receive the advertisement packets sent out by your media server and vice versa. Those packets are only forwarded within your home LAN but not over the ...
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Stream any audio to DLNA/UPNP speakers

The only app I know that streams the entire audio output of your phone is AirAudio. It is capable of streaming to UPnP/DLNA speakers but does also support AirPlay. It does require root privileges, ...
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Streaming audio files from SMB (or AFP, or NFS) share to DLNA receiver without resampling

If anyone else is seeking for a similar solution, I think doubleTwist player uses a combination of android's media scanner and it's own directory scanner to import music. So the method with mounting ...
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Stream Audible audio to DLNA/UPNP speakers

So I got official response from Audible team: It's Bluetooth, Auxiliary Input (audio jack, ie wired speakers) or ..burn a CD! UPnP/DLNA - not mentioned. So it's Bluetooth I guess for me. Not the ...
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Cannot start Nexus 9 screen mirroring to Viera TV

Managed to do it thanks to this: after adding persist.debug.wfd.enable=1 to build.prop the option to enable wireless display appeared in cast screen options. It took several attempts to connect and I ...
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Connecting Samsung Galaxy Note to TV

Nowadays there is a plethora of methods to connect a smartphone to a SmartTV. The following methods can be used: Option 1 – Using HDTV Adapter This is the certainly most preferred method, ...
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