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ADB dumpsys batterystats - How does one read it?

The energy consumption by Android devices is estimated based on the amount of time certain hardware components are residing in different states (e.g., WIFI ON, WIFI OFF, etc.). For each hardware ...
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ADB dumpsys batterystats - How does one read it?

This is a partial answer that needs more details through the full dump to understand whats the and read the output of what the system is trying to convey. The data unit is a number taken from the ...
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What is meant by "proportional" and "smearing" in batterystats

Thanks to @Andrew.T for pointing out the source code: Smearing: Battery consumption which is shared with other components/processes is spread among apps. IFAIU there are two categories: "screen&...
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Coordinates from 'dumpsys location' are censored on Huawei devices

It looks like this is a modification that Huawei did by themselves (factual reasons not yet found). In short, the method to print the location's detail was overwritten. dumpsys command calls the ...
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What are the Wi-Fi disconnect reasons on adb dumpsys wifi?

Most likely your problems are caused by one or more attackers performing the Wifi deauthentication attack. Due to a weakness in the Wifi WPA2 protocol it allows to deauthenticate any client ("kick" it ...
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