For questions about Android applications (or Android-based hardware devices) used to read electronic books (eBooks). For general ebooks questions, please visit Please use a more specific tag if applicable, such as e.g. [aldiko], [moon-reader], etc. See the full tag wiki for a list of related tags.

What are "ebook readers"?

While one could think of "people reading ebooks", that's not what we mean here. When talking about ebook readers on Android Enthusiasts, we speak either of apps or devices to read with. As for devices, of course we restrict us to those running Android, as e.g. Amazon's Kindle or Barnes & Noble's Nook tablet devices do. Other ebooks questions can be asked on Ebooks Stack Exchange.

Where should I use this tag?

Only if your issue is about ebook readers, obviously -- and only if there's no tag better matching your issue (see the "related tags" section below).

Are there any related tags?

Other reader apps

  • is a famous ebook reading app and often comes pre-installed especially with tablet devices
  • a feature-rich ebook reader app supporting many formats
  • is another ebook reader app
  • is specific to ebooks using the PDF format
  • is Amazon's Kindle reader app for Android. It only supports Amazon's own book format, plus the .mobi format (MobiPocket)
  • is similarly the Nook-specific app

Reader hardware

Related topics

  • : "Digital Rights Management" or, from the user's point of view, "Digital Restrictions Management" is what disables users reading their books freely on the device of their choice
  • : food for the readers :)
  • : an ebook format widely used, and often the preferred format for free content (though it supports , that doesn't mean the book creator has to use that)
  • : Adobe's "Portable Document Format" is one of the most used formats for ebooks. While files are usually much bigger as with other formats, content should be displayed looking exactly the same regardless of the device or app used.