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This is the generic tag for issues related to email (electronic mail). If applicable, please rather use more specific tags like e.g. 'gmail', 'imap', 'pop3', etc. (see full tag wiki for more information)

What is email?

Electronic mail (e-mail) is a method of exchanging digital messages. Android has a tight integration with Google Mail (Gmail). Android has a stock e-mail client, but there are also some alternatives, for example the free open source e-mail client K-9 Mail.

Related tags

Being a central part of our daily electronic life, e-mail has many aspects. And so this site has many different tags to cover them. So before using the rather generic tag, please check whether one of the following tags might be more appropriate:

  • : issues with retrieving mails from MS Exchange servers via ActiveSync
  • : for issues with Google's own 'Gmail' app/service
  • : issues with Microsoft's Hotmail/ app/service
  • : issues with related to IMAP
  • : issues with the K9-Mail app
  • : issues with the older POP3 standard
  • : issues with the pre-installed email app (don't confuse it with Gmail, see above)
  • : issues with Yahoo's mail app/service

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