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I tried this on a Pixel 3 with a VAVA Usb C hub and it did not work for me, even though other USB devices were recognized correctly through the hub.


TLDR copy the volume id of old card to new card then copy the whole content of old card to new card (or copy it first to a harddisk and then from the harddisk to the new card, doesn’t make a difference). Step by step I used my Fedora linux computer to do this, as it is a Thinkpad with SD-card slot. First I looked what the volume id of the old sd-card was....


Myphone explorer window program can sync folder between phone and PC through USB I) first time i) install Myphone explorer Program on windows PC ii) At Android phone a) Ensure that 'USB debugging' is enabled on phone (Settings-Applications-Development or Settings-Developer options) In Android 4.2.2 and newer you have to unlock the USB-Debugging option ...

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