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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 bootloop after trying to flash TWRP, boot partition is damaged, unable to boot into recovery or fastboot

I fixed the phone. I got out of "EDL stuck". I bypassed the authentication. Then I used SP Flash Tool to flash a new ROM using a firmware upgrade. Its bootloader is locked again. Now the ...
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I can't start my Moto G60 anymore after locking the bootloader

A locked bootloader only accepts a correctly signed OS image. For the same hardware there can be multiple OS images which each signed by a different key. So just replacing the OS image might have ...
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Recover bricked unrooted Moto G5 (bootloop)

If you still have access to Fastboot, you can use Motorola's Rescue and Smart Assistant. Or if you wanna do it manually, download Motorola's USB drivers and get your firmware from https://mirrors-obs-...
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unlocking bootloader in ZTE blade 7 lite

To exit Meta mode, you would hold the power button down for 10 seconds to force the phone to turn off and then hold the power button to restart the phone To enter recovery mode, press and hold the ...
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"error: neither -p product specified nor ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT set" when trying to `fastboot flashall -w` on Nexus 7

fastboot is trying to play it safe, and make sure you're not flashing from the wrong location. The easy way is just to export ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT=./, and run fastboot (or fastboot script) in the same ...
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LG - Fastboot doesn't recognize my device

As someone who literally just had to fix this issue for my LG V30, this is an issue with incorrect drivers being assigned to the fastboot device by windows. USB3 is not an issue. What happens is the ...
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