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You can reboot to Bootloader from TWRP. Using either the Reboot menu and clicking on Bootloader Or from adb shell when TWRP is running using twrp reboot bootloader From the bootloader, fastboot will work and you can run fastboot boot twrp.img


I was using adb from an Armv7 device and trying to sideload a ROM, where I got this error (adb sideload ROM). Frustrated, I tried pushing the ROM (adb push ROM and make sure the phone is NOT in the sideload state) and got the exact same error. This turned out to be the fault of the USB driver, and was nothing to do with adb nor the ROM. I have heard that ...


There seems to be an issue with USB3.0 and Fastboot. Fastboot commands won't work on a phone which is conencted via a USB3.0 port. In order to investigate further and look for the solutions, I need you to crosscheck this first. Try running other fastboot commands such as: fastboot reboot and see if it works.


Step 1... ABSOLUTELY Do not flash magisk with Fastboot. Can you? Yes Should you? no. but what do i mean? You CAN force Fastboot to do a raw write to a partition... 'technically' But Magisk Patches the boot image you have, and does so by reading the boot image. A Better question... Do you need TWRP? no... Magisk manager will write the Boot image into ...


You probably meant fastboot mode. And no, Magisk cannot be flashed using Fastboot mode. It is a zip file and not an image file that you can just flash to a partition. If you want to use fastboot, you should consider patching your boot image using Magisk Manager and then boot that image using fastboot boot command. fastboot boot magisk-patched.img Or if ...


If you're running it from a computer with a AMD chipset, that might be your problem. I am having the same issues when I am trying to use fastboot or literally anything close to a android tool on my ryzen 5 5200 processor and it won't work. as soon as I tried using said tools on mac or a intel chipset, they work. smh

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