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Copying a folder from Google Drive to Google Drive

It is not (yet) possible to copy and paste a folder on Google Drive. The Google Drive Help - Organize your files in Google Drive for "Computer" mentions the following regarding copying: ...
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Where does the work profile app data stored? How to access them?

Run adb shell pm list users to get a list of users. I have a work profile set up through Island, so I get UserInfo{0:Owner:13} running UserInfo{10: Island :50100030} running The first number ...
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How to Find Where an App Is Installed? Find an App's Install Location

Apps on the internal storage are stored under /data/app/. Apps on external storage are stored as .asec files under the .android_secure folder. System apps are stored under /system/app/. The asec files ...
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Path of "Documents & other" in Google Pixel 4a "Files" app

What is the path to Documents & other in Google Pixel 4a's Files app? Files app when selecting Documents & other does not show a specific path/folder at all. Instead it uses the Android ...
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Delete file with special characters from un-rooted device

I fixed it by transferring that 0-byte special character file to any /android/data folder and clearing that app's data. Then the files are gone.
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Android-to-Android file explorer using WiFi direct

I searched for an app to transfer files from/to the laptop completely locally (= securely) without cable and without additional software (on the PC) and found nothing. So I developed an app myself &...
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