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`adb shell mv` moves files but app doesn't work anymore, while it works if I move the same files via file manager

Your main problem is that you move files and folder between special sections of the file-system: from app-private folder where only the app has access to /sdcard a special folder where you can not ...
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What is .Lenovoreaper in Lenovo tablet

According to this post and some others I’ve found, it’s something to do with the advertising experience in the ShareIt app. It’s not malware, but it should be safe to delete. The reason it sometimes ...
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How to "shift-click" select many files at once in android (range select)

You can do this with MiXplorer Silver File Manager. Select the first file, then the last. Everything in between will be selected.
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Android-to-Android file explorer using WiFi direct

I searched for an app to transfer files from/to the laptop completely locally (= securely) without cable and without additional software (on the PC) and found nothing. So I developed an app myself &...
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