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A quicker way to share Android folder over non-internet WiFi on Windows 10/11 systems?

I confirmed a method that works, based on slight modifications of existing instructions that involve forwarding some TCP and UDP ports to be numbers that are 1000 higher. (FOR ACCESSING ANDROID FILES ...
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Gabb Phone Z2 not prompting me for USB file transfer

The two most likely scenarios are You are using a different cable. Cables come in many configurations such as Data only Power only Data and Power The current cable probably only has wires to do ...
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Android-to-Android file explorer using WiFi direct

I searched for an app to transfer files from/to the laptop completely locally (= securely) without cable and without additional software (on the PC) and found nothing. So I developed an app myself &...
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"The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected" error when copying a large file from Windows

You might have an unstable MTP connection - Try swapping USB cable/getting rid of the USB hub if any. Performing a system update of your device will probably help, but it's a long shot.
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When I connect via USB (Android to PC), it automatically starts charging. How do I transfer files?

This works for Pixel 3 on Android 12. Settings > System > Developer Options > Default USB Configuration > File Transfer / Android Auto Also the lock screen has to be unlocked.
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