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File related issues. See also if another tag might better fit your question: 'file-system', 'file-management', or one of the 'storage' tags

I guess it's pretty safe to assume everybody knows what a file is (but many have trouble explaining it). So let's quote an abstract from Wikipedia:

A computer file is a resource for storing information, which is available to a computer program and is usually based on some kind of durable storage. A file is durable in the sense that it remains available for programs to use after the current program has finished. Computer files can be considered as the modern counterpart of paper documents which traditionally are kept in offices' and libraries' files, and this is the source of the term. A group of files used by the same program can be packed into one archive file.

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  • : a division of either your internal storage or your sdcard. Usually, a partition is formatted -- and if so, it holds a file system.
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