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2 votes

Google prompt won't show up after I flashed my phone

Logging out should have stopped the prompts on the old device. Check under logged in devices and log it out manually. You can check the prompt-supported devices you are logged into right now at ...
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2 votes

Is Phone still usable after Google Find my device erase device

Ok, so since no one was particularly answering, I took the risk and did it. As for the answers for anyone who needs it in future - 1 - no that i found anything just make sure to backup your data. 2 - ...
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1 vote

How to unlock my device after locking with Google's “Find My Device”?

I managed to solve this, so for future readers: I went to emergency and pressed back(this brought up the phone lock screen with the pattern option). Rebooting seems to also bring up the lock screen ...
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