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Opening items from the google news feed using Firefox?

There is one "simple" way to open your Google Feed links in Firefox instead of Chrome. Disable Chrome in your apps. If you do not need Chrome for anything, this is certainly the easiest way. ...
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How can I install Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, or similar in Firefox Android?

On Firefox you need to enable the debug menu by going to settings -> about Firefox then pressing the Firefox logo at least 5 times. The same applies to Mull and other forks. Once you had done that, ...
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How to transfer Firefox bookmarks (and saved logins, etc) from one phone to another **without** using Firefox's "sync", 3rd-party apps nor root?

I recently migrated app data from multiple Firefox apps from one Android phone to another. At first I tried to rely on Android's device-to-device backup transfer mechanism, but that did not migrate ...
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Export Firefox for Android bookmarks to HTML file

There is a workaround for this. It's not an out-of-box solution but if you really have that much of a problem connecting to Firefox sync (like I do), you can do this: Open Firefox for Android, tap ...
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Export Firefox for Android bookmarks to HTML file

There is a way to export bookmarks to a file (not HTML, though) if that is enough for you ("you" being whoever ends up here from a search engine, as this question is already rather old). It ...
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