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How to play FM Radio app without earphone?

No. You need an earphone, or anything that can plug into the earphone jack, with a trailing cable. This is to provide the phone with an antenna. Because space inside the phone is highly limited, it's ...
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Is there a way I could listen to FM radio with my laptop but the radio comes from my android smartphone's built-in FM radio app?

Just run a 3.5 mm audio cable from the headphone output of your phone to the microphone input of your laptop, then set up your laptop to play that audio (e.g. with the "Listen to this device" checkbox ...
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Is it possible to install a radio application on Google Pixel 3XL?

You can install the FM app but you will not get any signal because there is no chip on the device allowing to receive FM radio signals. Your only solution is to install apps that stream FM radios ...
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Is there really no true FM radio without earphones?

The Redmi Note 9 radio works without earphones plugged in. Does not do much else like work as a phone but the radio works.
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Is it possible to install an FM Radio application to get local frequencies?

That really depends on if there is an app to stream stations from your country, unless you are talking about a real FM radio receiver function in the phone. My s10e doesn't have an FM radio function, ...
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