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Is there a way to stop Android from creating folders on the SD card such as "Android" and "Download"?

Without tricks, the answer is No. These "Shell Directories" are hard-coded into Android and get created automatically if any of them is found missing. You cannot prevent this behavior from happening, ...
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Copying a folder from Google Drive to Google Drive

It is not (yet) possible to copy and paste a folder on Google Drive. The Google Drive Help - Organize your files in Google Drive for "Computer" mentions the following regarding copying: ...
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Accessing full Android storage

The last Android version that used what is now called the legacy external storage system was Android 10. In that system all apps could request full read or full read&write access to the shared ...
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How to Find Where an App Is Installed? Find an App's Install Location

Apps on the internal storage are stored under /data/app/. Apps on external storage are stored as .asec files under the .android_secure folder. System apps are stored under /system/app/. The asec files ...
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