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Use this tag for issues with apps causing "force-close" conditions (i.e. displaying error messages like "The process XYZ has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." having a "Force Close" button).

What is a force-close?

If an application encounters an unexpected state or some other programming error, it will issue a force close. In most cases you will be presented with a form that allows you to send log files and the cause of the force close to the developer. Doing so will help the developer to fix the bug.

First aid

  • if it happens rarely, you might be able to "ignore" it. Contact the app's developer if it repeats from time to time. An extract of the might be helpful to locate the issue.
  • if it persists: a might solve it
  • clearing the often solves the issue (see the cache tag-wiki for details)
  • if it still persists in a loop, preventing you accessing the device otherwise, and the app in question is one you installed yourself, you can boot into and remove that app
  • if instead it's a system app, a might be needed. This is a last resort, as it also deletes all your data (see the factory-reset tag-wiki for details)

Helpful questions/answers dealing with force-closes