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How to open FTP URLs on Chrome for Android?

Chrome initially planned to depreciate support for FTP from version 81 but paused it because of COVID-19 (to help hospital staff access FTP resources) . In version 86 (currently latest on Play Store) ,...
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Does Android have a built-in FTP client?

No, for better or worse, Android does not have an integrated FTP client. As you've discovered, many third-party apps are available to fill this gap. Some of them are dedicated FTP clients, while ...
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ES File Explorer - Remote manager read only

Not necessarily, I have the same setup on my devices using both MiXplorer and ES explorer. The ftp server runs fine with read/write access (even on non-rooted device). Perhaps your OS doesn't allow ...
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Cannot use FTP to download BT Notifications.apk for Android Watch

Using Chinese products from unknown sellers has many problems, for your example the links to the APK don't work or inaccessible for "BT Notification.apk" P.S: I think the manual sent with your device ...
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Android 6.0 FTP server with external SD card write support?

For my case SwiFTP is working fine.
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How can I change my pictures' and videos' date on my phone by their filenames?

If the EXIF data is correct, you can use jhead. Note that this only works for JPEG files. First, check if the files still have correct EXIF data using: jhead <file> Then use jhead's -ft ...
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Mounting a remote folder as local folder

I highly Do Not recommend doing this. It might cause the data on the remote server to be corrupted unless it is mounted as read-only. Android recognizing it as a remote file is much safer as it knows ...
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Simplest way to transfer files from PC to Android device (wireless)

I've been looking around for ages after an adequate solution and was frustrated to find no official apps that provide this functionality. Link to PC changed everything. It's a Microsoft app that ...
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Airdroid modifies timestamps of copied files

Running an SSH server on your phone helps you with this problem, just as the previous answer explained. However, because DroidSSHd is older and may not work with newer phones on more recent versions ...
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