The Magisk module you linked is using fusermount binary from this thread which is built for Termux environment. But LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable is not being set properly in the module, so the error occurs. A simple approach is to use static fusermount binary, I already posted in the same thread. rclone uses FUSE which you can mount manually from CLI ...


I had the same problem and I think unchecking the "make recent files available offline" setting in the Google Drive app did the trick. I'm using Google Drive v2. on a Google Pixel 3a with Android 10 (build QQ3A.200605.002).


The applications that was not restored does not allow backup (android:allowBackup="false"). Which mean that your backup will not contain these applications even after restoring in another device. You can check that by following these steps: Install one of the concerned Apps in your new device Enable USB Debugging Run this command (using ADB): adb ...

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