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A library used by Google apps and many third-party apps to provide location and social functionality


Google Play Services is a package created by Google to allow them to update Google apps and provide new APIs even on devices that no longer receive Android updates. The Google Play Services package includes functionality for other apps including:-

  • Google Cloud Messaging (for )
  • Google Maps Services, for embedding views in other apps
  • location functionality including geofencing (notifying apps with the appropriate permission when you've entered or left a given physical region), and activity detection (e.g. walking, driving)
  • Google's mobile ad network
  • Google Analytics (including crash reporting)
  • Google Cast (a.k.a. )
  • integration
  • integration
  • Google Play Games Services, which provides game developers with multi-player match-making, saved game syncing, leader-boards, and Google+ integration for games: games which use this functionality show up in the Play Games app
  • Google Tag Manager
  • integration

Google Play Services is distributed as an app package, so it can be updated directly, outside the normal Android update process. This means that an app developer can choose to use some or all functionality from this package and know that it will be available even on devices running old Android versions.

Apps that use the features listed above won't work if you disable or uninstall the Google Play Services package.

Google Play Services doesn't have an activity you can run from the launcher (i.e. there's no icon to start it). It isn't an app that you use directly: it's only there to provide the above functionality to (Google and third-party) apps that use it. For that reason, you probably only need this tag if something has gone wrong.

Here's what it looks like when you select it from Settings → Apps:

Service Running

Core issues