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Viewing list of downloaded apps, in the order they were downloaded

Usually phone OS does not offer this feature. Many third party apps do this. APPs history is one such app that is simple in it's interface. From the app description A list of your applications, last ...
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Bypassing google play store region lock

The solution is to create another google email/account and set it's county to Germany. Note that some of the region locked may not work when you are back home. Some require a VPN as well as the ...
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How to browse Play Pass catalogue in Google Play app

The Play Store app seems to have been improved recently. If you are subscribed to Play Pass, you should see a "Play Pass" tab at the bottom, with links to all app and game categories (a bit ...
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What are the restrictions for spending Play Points?

This was either a bug: In Google Play app in general In Google Play service's configuration for my country Somewhere in between my account and Google Play service (some glitch) After filling a two ...
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Android apps for "armeabi-v7a" and "x86" architecture: SoC vs. Processor vs. ABI

A shorter answer All the current Android devices on the market use ARM-compatible processors. ARM Holdings designs the basic architectures, and example processors. The modern examples all have names ...
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