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Stop Google Search Opening in Chrome

Google Search uses Chrome Custom Tabs since April 27, 2016. From 9to5Google, After its most recent update, the Google app now opens search results as Chrome Custom Tabs. [...] [...]. By default, ...
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How can I turn OFF Google Lens search, permanently

This link shows how to disable the feature. It's hard to follow at first, just replay it a few times. Basically type chrome://flags in your chrome browser, which give you a "search flags" ...
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Google Image Search using Android

Instructions performed on Firefox for Android on stock Android 6.0.1. Switch to Desktop mode in your preferred browser (it changes the user-agent). Open and tap the camera ...
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Can I navigate to a specific URL in Samsung Internet Browser instead of doing a Google search?

You can simply disable the automatic searching for entered values in the address bar: Open Settings -> Search engine and disable "Suggest websites and search terms" Afterwards if you ...
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Shortcut/Widget to set a reminder in Google Now

Note 5 - Nova Launcher - Android v6.0.1 (and yes, i am still waiting for the update in AUSTRALIA) find the Google Calender app on your phone (mine is in the drawer) Press/hold the icon to launch the ...
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How do I copy a link from Google search results to clipboard on Android Chrome?

Instead of using the google search bar, open chrome for google and type what you want to search for in the address field. Now when you click and hold on the link you'll get the menu that lets tou ...
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How do I copy a link from Google search results to clipboard on Android Chrome?

I know this is really an old thread but none of the options here worked for me. What did work is to drag the link to an input field. For example, while visiting the page if you first clear out the ...
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"Google keeps stopping" after Android Oreo update

There is some critical error for the new android Oreo (for me is nexus 6p) which make a system crash on the desktop (google now launcher) and on settings (you can't open app list). It is can be ...
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How can I turn OFF Google Lens search, permanently

I discovered an approach that, at least for two weeks now, seems to have worked. I tried a twist on this approach which I had mentioned above: I did find one thing that says to "Disable" (...
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Opening a new tab using the google search bar w/o closing current website searched

Chrome has two widgets for searches: Chrome search and Chrome shortcuts which has a search bar among other shortcuts The first image shows where you can find them. Depending on your launcher, you ...
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Google search bar widget closes keyboard after typing one letter

I have the same issue on my Samsung S22 Ultra but found a possible work-around online. I wish I could acknowledge the individual who posted the work-around, but I'll have to find him or her back. The ...
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How to change Bing Search to my default search engine in Firefox?

I think this menu isn't created by Firefox, but either a system-wide function created by the Outlook app. There are many apps that createsuch links in so to say right-click menus on Android. I don't ...
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Make google searches and "Ok, google" open in broswer, not Google "App"

You need to open Google app. Then go to Settings > Accounts & privacy > Open web pages in the Google app. Turn the above toggle off and you can open the web pages from search result in your ...
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Where is the "Search" menu coming from?

Figured it out. I installed the Microsoft Edge browser. That was inserting the menu item in Chrome. Once I uninstalled Microsoft Edge, the menu went away.
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Google Search On Screen does not work

The feature you need is called Now on Tap. According to Google blog, Now on Tap is available only in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Korean. All you have to do is set one of ...
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How can I prevent certain websites from appearing in my Google search results?

For Android phones, You have to just click on the options button at the top right corner of the website you want to block and then select not interested in stories from Google will now stop ...
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Google Image Search using Android

There are several search apps available which may assist you here, for example Search By Image (using Google/Tineye/Yandex image reverse search engine). This app lets you pick an image from your ...
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How to disable the assist input when the home button is long pressed?

It turns out that it's actually from Firefox, not Google. To disable this, go to Setting › Apps › Configure apps (the gear button) › Default Apps › Assist & voice input and change to none:
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change the position of google search bar in Google Now Launcher

If you're into rooting and Xposed Framework, this module called Xposed GEL Settings has a bunch of Now Launcher-related settings, among which you can disable the permanent search bar. You can then put ...
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How to get search of different location?

You can use applications like FakeGPS. Using which you can mock your device's location. Hope this helps you
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Shortcut/Widget to set a reminder in Google Now

This method should work: Locate Google Calendar Icon and long press it: Press on the 4 dots on the right of the "New reminder" and drag it to the home screen, it will become a shortcut: Pressing this ...
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