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How can I send a group sms using my google voice number?

Actually you can use GV send a copy of the sms to your email. Once you have received GV's assigned email for this number you can now respond through your email and now you can respond through ...
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How to browse, an organized, textual list of commands that can be issued to Google Assistant

Because of the nature of the Google Assistant, there is no exhaustive list - it tries to determine the meaning in any request and fulfill it as best as it can. That being said, the Google Support page ...
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Is it possible to have 2 separate Google Voice phone numbers?

TL;DR - it's possible to get more than one GV number; you can only use one at a time; here's how and why it can be useful. FWIW, linking a GV number to a "real" mobile number is only really ...
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How can I make a phone call on Google Voice on a phone without mobile service?

According to Google, on Android in the GV app, you just have to open settings and under "calls" tap "Making and Receiving Calls" and select "Prefer Wifi and mobile data" ...
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As a Google Voice number user, what app should I use for texting now?

Hangouts still works for texting to and from Google Voice only, and I don't think that is supposed to go away (at least not anytime soon)... it doesn't work as your default SIM carrier's SMS/MMS app ...
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Help understanding the integration between Google Voice, Hangouts, and Messenger

Messenger is an SMS application. It can be used to send SMS. Every SMS that are sent from your device are stored somewhere. Other SMS apps can read and write them. Phone is a phone app. It is used to ...
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