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Google Voice SMS not showing notifications in Hangouts?

I found this post on a google product forum and it worked for me. After you follow the steps, if it helps, I used the following service to send a test text message to my phone knowing it wouldn't be ...
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Google Voice SMS not showing notifications in Hangouts?

It looks like there is an issue with Hangouts app that causes notifications for new conversations with a given contact to be disabled by default, with no way to override this setting. On the ...
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How can I send a group sms using my google voice number?

Actually you can use GV send a copy of the sms to your email. Once you have received GV's assigned email for this number you can now respond through your email and now you can respond through ...
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With the Google Voice app, is it possible to send an SMS to multiple people?

Like the people who responded said, yes you can, but you will not receive group responses - you get each response as if it was a 1-1 SMS from whoever responds to your original group SMS. Somewhat ...
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How to browse, an organized, textual list of commands that can be issued to Google Assistant

Because of the nature of the Google Assistant, there is no exhaustive list - it tries to determine the meaning in any request and fulfill it as best as it can. That being said, the Google Support page ...
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How can I make a phone call on Google Voice on a phone without mobile service?

According to Google, on Android in the GV app, you just have to open settings and under "calls" tap "Making and Receiving Calls" and select "Prefer Wifi and mobile data" ...
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As a Google Voice number user, what app should I use for texting now?

Hangouts still works for texting to and from Google Voice only, and I don't think that is supposed to go away (at least not anytime soon)... it doesn't work as your default SIM carrier's SMS/MMS app ...
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Help understanding the integration between Google Voice, Hangouts, and Messenger

Messenger is an SMS application. It can be used to send SMS. Every SMS that are sent from your device are stored somewhere. Other SMS apps can read and write them. Phone is a phone app. It is used to ...
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Phone makes me dial 1 before answering a call

This happens when Call screening is turned ON in Google voice settings. Go to Google Voice Settings in Web interface Go to Settings (gear icon) → Calls tab. Uncheck Call screening Source : ...
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"Call not sent" when adding a call on Samsung Galaxy S6

Unfortunately the update "broke" Google Voice on Note 4 and Galaxy phones (T-Mobile 5.1.1 update). You can see information on this here: We're all hoping that someone (Google, T-Mobile, Samsung) ...
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Free SMS to shortcodes/Magic?

I emailed Magic, and got a response that it is possible to use a regular phone number instead of the shortcode: +1 (408) 707-3077 Magic can then be used with the methods outlined in the original ...
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Does Google still offer free incoming/outgoing voice calls with any of their Android services?

"Most" calls to numbers in the US and Canada are free through Hangouts as long as you are also in the US/Canada. This is noted in Google's support pages and you can find all of the rates on this page. ...
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Where is Voice Privacy on OnePlus phone?

Since Voice Privacy is a CDMA network function, and OnePlus One is a GSM phone, there is no such option to be selected. GSM technology doesn't have the same vulnerability as CDMA.
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