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What determines the graphics of a device?

The major hardware elements that determine what graphics quality you can choose are: Graphics chip built into your main CPU. The faster it is and the more parallel computation cores it has the more ...
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Enable 4x MSAA using shell/ADB

Run this command: adb shell setprop debug.egl.force_msaa true To disable, replace true with false. Tested on OnePlus 6 running Android 10.
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How does the android graphics stack work?

Android doesn't use X, although there is a Java implimentation of X made for Android android-xserver. Instead of X, Android relies on the SurfaceFlinger and HWC(Hardware Composer), working with the ...
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Tablet battery replacement and alloc_device_open fail?

Well, that was a doozy for me... First of all, I found that the previous state of this tablet was not quite working - old battery ended up discharging completely; after that, plugging in charger only ...
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How to change Android default-natural orientation?

There's an App called "App Settings" for Xposed Framework. repo.xposed/appsettings With it you can change orientation, dpi, notifications, etc. of each individual app. But not the boot animation like ...
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