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"Screen Recording" in LG Android

Use adb to disable the app. And download a trusted screen recorder. For installed apps: adb shell pm list packages should list all the packages on your device. Then use adb shell pm disable <...
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can i give root access to an app without root my phone?

No you can't. Some apps like Greenify permit you to gain more functionality using adb commands (e.g. see this for Greenify). My device is presently not rooted but I use Greenify powered by these ...
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Is extreme battery saving possible on Android?

If you're rooted and using greenify then there's this option of aggressive doze. Once try it and if not greenify then use kernel Adiutor to tweak your processor as per your need.
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Are there benefits to using Greenify with Android Nougat?

In my personal experience and opinion, no. I have tried using it for about a 3 weeks, and haven't seen any improvement. Maybe it works for rooted or custom Rom devices, but generally Nougat does a ...
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Google search and chrome not working on mobile data

I had the same issue and requested a new configuration sms from my mobile carrier. Installed the settings for 0.1 sec, restarted the phone. SOLVED !!!
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