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Can i fake having a gyroscope?

You can, but it requires extensive android development knowledge, rooting your phone (which i do not condone and do not take responsibility for any errors that occur if you choose to do it). This isn'...
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Why 360 photo in Google Street View is supported only in phones with gyroscope?

Basically 360 photo is a set of photos on a large canvas. gyroscope tells us the orientation of phone. inside the 360 photo viewer module the orientation is mapped to that large canvas with different ...
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2 votes

Difference between a gyro sensor and a compass sensor?

A compass is showing north, nothing more. A gyro sensor checks the horizontal position, where is up and down. With this sensor you can create these funny games like "Waterslide", where the phone ...
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Can I rotate my camera to landscape mode with broken gyroscope?

It turned out the Rotation Control App, with its rightmost option, image the same as auto-rotate icon, does the job for me. E.g., streaming in Facebook is successfully affected, which was my final ...
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Do 360/3D videos in Chrome and YouTube app work on a phone without gyroscope?

Google Cardboard appears to require a gyroscope to operate. From: Check phone requirements Note: If you get a ...
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Why 360 photo in Google Street View is supported only in phones with gyroscope?

An accelerometer measures linear acceleration of movement, while a gyro on the other hand measures the angular rotational velocity. Basically the gyro uses the Earth's gravity to adds an additional ...
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