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Both answers are correct. A SoC can contain RAM and flash but it does not have to. What variant is used is chosen by it's manufacturer and therefore every device type can have a different SoC and motherboard layout. And as there are dozens of manufacturers and hundred of different Android devices sold you will find any combination of on SoC with or without ...


My phone kept restarting because of empty battery. The red light was flashing but it didn't charging. I pressed volume down and power button ant it opened recovery mode. I left phone around 10 minutes and when I came back, battery charge level was18%. Then I restart phone and it worked.


For booting from MicroSD card you need to heavily modify your ROM. The android boot partition is not like a PC BIOS. You need the bootloader to look at mmcblk1 instead of mmcblk0 which is hard-coded in various system files. (for more information refer to Irfan Latif's documentation for QMobile Z8 on If your phone does not boot ...

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