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11 votes

Does the Pixel C Now Support HDMI-over-USB-C?

It doesn't; none of the Pixel devices support - it's a Google Store goof up I was helping a friend on the purchase decision of Pixel XL and lack of USB C - HDMI was a major drawback. Just to confirm ...
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Does the Pixel C Now Support HDMI-over-USB-C?

I know this is a bit old now but just stumbled upon this thread. I have tried the USB-C to displayport cable with my pixel C (after seeing "Enjoy it with Pixel C" on the google store) and it doesn't ...
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3 votes

USB-C port not working as a host to use with USB OTG or HDMI adapter

It turns out that my device is not HDMI-compatible and will not transmit over that adapter (or any other, apparently). Props to Robert for finding a (generic?) listing over here: https://en....
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2 votes

Only one screen visible when playing videos using VLC and other players

The answer is to change to a mode called "prefer clone". Open VLC, but don't play a video. In the upper left, select the 3 lines (hamburger), then: Settings > Interface > Prefer clone With ...
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Android-x86 7.1 Unidentified video number - HDMI from laptop to TV

OK, I've managed to figure it out, in case anyone was wondering. Instead of booting with a vga=someNumber I used video=LVDS-1:d. This works a treat! :) The only problem with this is would be that it ...
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1 vote

Direct HDMI output at the start up?

USB to HDMI converters require special driver. I never heard of an Android device supporting such a converter. The typical way to connect a Android device to a TV is using Wifi and screen cast ...
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1 vote

Display a portrait-mode app on a horizontal rotatable screen

Using Miracast or an HDMI cable, the content will always be displayed as it is on your smartphone > I suggest trying this app on your phone to rotate the image and then adjust the image on your ...
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Does Samsung Galaxy Note 10 support USB C-to-HDMI?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and my screen is also broken. I've been using my phone through Samsung DeX for the past 3 years with the screen broken. So the answer is yes. You can get a Type C to ...
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1 vote

How to screen mirror Android to non-smart TV?

The cable you bought is an MHL cable using the USB Type-C (MHL Alternate Mode). For such a cable to work the phone needs to include special hardware. Additionally the TV has to support MHL, too as it'...
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How to connect a monitor to a Galaxy Tab tablet?

You may be able to do what you're looking for with Chromecast. You'll only need one for each monitor/tv you're trying to use. It's wireless, which may be a good thing, but it won't be perfect. I ...
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Samsung A21S support USB-C to HDMI?

Samsung flagship devices support it - not all. Check the lists at and I cannot find the A21s or its model alias SM-A217F there.
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1 vote

Is there a way to send a video signal into an Android device?

TrinusVR is an app that allows you to stream HD video from you PC to your smartphone, either wireless with some latency, or with a USB cord without latency. Meant for video games but it will stream ...
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1 vote

Connecting Samsung Galaxy Note to TV

Nowadays there is a plethora of methods to connect a smartphone to a SmartTV. The following methods can be used: Option 1 – Using HDTV Adapter This is the certainly most preferred method, ...
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