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Will "hiding" contacts on Google Contacts affect other apps' behavior?

The name of the caller will not be identified if the contact is hidden in Google Contacts. The contact will be removed from the contacts list in the stock Samsung contacts app. I tested this by ...
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How do I view hidden folders with Solid Explorer?

Tap the three dots in the top right of the app Choose 'Folder options' Ensure 'Show hidden files' is ticked (option is unchecked in screenshot below)
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What is the folder called /storage/emulated/0/.photoShare/thumb/lcd

.photoShare is a folder used by Huawei devices for it's Cloud service. If Huawei's Cloud is enabled on your device, your gallery may have been synced to your Huawei's "personal" cloud storage. You ...
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Malicious hidden in root partition

You'll need to "flash" the firmware on the phone to stock firmware to overwrite everything (including system files) that you had on it before. Go to and enter your device ...
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How to solve invalid IMEI problem in LG G3?

A solution for this problem has been given in multiple sources, such as: this, this, and this. However, in those cases either the phone model is different, or the Android version on the device is ...
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How to make an invisible (transparent/blank) app icon in Nova Launcher?

Took me a bit, but I figured it out: Download and install Pocket Paint from F-Droid: Create a completely empty (and transparent) .png file, ...
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1 vote

How to hide installed app from other app?

If app has storage access, how to hide other installed app from it? Without root access and without any permission (including Storage), any app can getInstalledApplications for current user/profile. ...
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How to record (photos and videos) directly to Samsung's Secure Folder?

You can log into Secure Folder before you take any photos and videos. Use the Camera that's inside of the Secure Folder. If it's not there, tap "Add apps" and add it. You can also do this with a lot ...
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1 vote

How to remove "Contents hiddens" from lock screen

It should be possible using automation. I prefer Macrodroid, being easy to learn and free (upto 5 macros) Note: Not tested on Nougat ( I don't have it) The macro would look like this ( on the left is ...
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.nomedia file not hiding newly created images. Solution?

I'm having the same problem in android 6.0 but only in the pictures and movies folders and subfolders. My solution is to remove a recreate the .nomedia after each new download! However if the folder ...
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