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The home-screen is what you usually get to see first after unlocking your fresh started device, where your widgets etc. are placed, and where all activity usually starts.

Questions tagged home-screen obviously should involve actions with the home-screen affected.

Things you should tag :

  • issues invoking actions from the homescreen (e.g. opening the app drawer, starting apps from shortcuts/widgets)
  • home-screen display (e.g. landscape/portrait issues)
  • number of home-screens (including adding/removing homescreens)

Things to better attach a different tag to:

  • If the problem is clearly focussed on the launcher, you should rather use the tag. If you can even bring it down to a specific launcher, check first if there's already a specific tag for it -- as e.g. , , , and more.
  • home-screen folders have the tag -- so if your problem is clearly focussed here...
  • same for (adding/removing widgets, misbehaving widgets)


Of course, in many cases it makes sense to combine some of the mentioned tags. Be as specific as possible -- but don't exaggerate (i.e. do not use too many tags).