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Can't move System from one phone to another using twrp?

Found the solution in the thing called „internet“: (in the following it is assumed, that all backups are stored to a SD card). TWRP stores backups with a „serial number“ of the phone. i.e. when ...
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How can I view title text for a web image ( on an Android based browser?

I created a bookmarklet for this: javascript:(function(){var D=document,i,f,j,e;for(i=0;f=D.images[i];++i)if(f.title!=""){var x=D.createElement("div"),;s.color="Black ...
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1 vote

How to reflash Htc Desire 628 properly?

HTC is encrypted and does not respect the standard file layout. META-INF is missing, content is: info.bin Therefore ...
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How can I wholly delete Apps like News Republic, Zoe Video Editor?

If there are system apps then she won't be able to delete them unless the device is rooted. With no root, you are left with disabling them. Settings -> Apps, select the app, then click on Disable. If ...
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1 vote

6.5GB of internal storage is missing, how can I free it

The usual question. According to GSMArena, your device has 8 GB internal storage altogether – which is not only the /data partition (where your apps and user data are stored), but also includes the /...
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1 vote

Phone isn't rooted after installing SuperSU

It seems like HTC Desire 500 has a "system write protection", so you may need to flash a custom (modified) kernel to prevent the system from protecting itself from modification. Check this post on ...
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1 vote

Can HTC Desire 530 be rooted?

Yup, HTC Desire 530 can be rooted. Check out: ...
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1 vote

what to do in 2016 with fine working HTC Desire hardware from 2010?

Try a Cyanogen Mod version for it.. I used HTC Dev site to unlock the boot loader, And then installed CWM Recovery and flashed several custom ROMs, Wich all seem to be based off of CM9 etc....
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Can't install apps!! OUT OF SPACE error!! HTC DESIRE 626

(from an Android 4.4.4 user on a Nexus 7 2013) I began to have this problem after installing the Xposed module "XInstaller". I uninstalled that module and everything went back to normal. Important: ...
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1 vote

Device freezes after trying to reboot with bootloader

Holding the power button + vol up will take you to recovery mode. In recovery, there is an option to reboot to download mode. Otherwise, try different button combinations. I'm using HTC 626 and this ...
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How do I turn off the Google Voice typing on htc desire 510

I caused the same problem to my Desrie 510 as I disabled some apps. Go to phone settings, scroll down to Apps, go down to make sure HTC SENSE INPUT is enabled.
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