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How to get past Google blocking gmail smtp access?

I have painstakingly found the final answer to this: Google will ALWAYS block SMTP logins from anywhere, even their own gmail app, unless you turn on the 'allow access from less secure' setting in ...
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Disable Gmail app swipe to delete for IMAP account

It seems that this isn't possible at the moment. The support article for Gmail on Android states: [You can] set default action & swipe to archive or delete messages for Gmail accounts. For non-...
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How to edit/send a previously sent gmail message as a new one on Android?

FairEmail supports it. You can download it from Github release page, or on Play Store (available in some countries only). I've been using FairEmail ever since it was released and it has tons of ...
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Android Outlook IMAP: Microsoft account interference in configuration

The problem here turned out to be the specific email address involved (autodetect was working as well as it could given some absent DNS entries; and anyway, as I now realise, autodetect/autodiscover ...
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Android Outlook over IMAP is logging in from Microsoft servers

Looks like you have not read the the small print before using the Microsoft Outlook app for Android. Yes, what you have detected is the way the Outlook Android app works. Outlook is not an IMAP client,...
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Android Gmail App deleted my email when I swipe left on a IMAP email account

Read the full article here. Open the Gmail app. In the top left, tap on Menu. At the bottom tap Settings. Under the General Settings, go to Swipe Action and change as per your preference. Hope it ...
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