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For questions regarding installing apps, Android firmware or certificates

This tag is for questions about installing/removing Android apps in general, the installation/update process for regular vendor firmware or aftermarket firmware like CyanogenMod or other processes like installing certificates.

Common install methods for apps include...

  • use the app
  • use an alternative market app (see: )
  • using adb install *.apk
  • sending the *.apk to your GMail account, and open it from the attachment (this can even be done using voice commands, e.g. when you deleted your only launcher)
  • placing the *.apk on your SDCard, and open it with a file browser or app installer directly on the device
  • sending it to your Dropbox (or other cloud service), sync it to your device, and again use a file browser or app installer
  • if the *.apk is placed on a web resource, simply open it with the Android web browser

For most of these methods, you find some details in the answers to How can I install an app given only its APK file?

Instructions to install APK without file browser or Wifi on device:

In order to install an .apk without a file browser or WiFi on your device, you can use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). See Is there a minimal installation of ADB? for instructions on installing ADB.

From the command line run adb install full-file-name.apk to install the application that is located in the same folder as the ADB.

Other installation options for alternative situations can be found here.

For firmware installation, see …

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