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It's been happening again lately, but 2 or 3 times now it's resolved itself when I cancelled another forever-pending update I never requested. I get the feeling it's like 2 or more updates are stuck in the door, and neither wants to let the other go first. Whatever's going on, and in lieu of another, better answer, try this - go to Google Play, tap for the ...


It doesn't take uninstalls into account. It is very slow to update and based on the all-time number of individual Google accounts that installed it, NOT the devices. That's all based on what I experienced, from the Play Console combined with Store Possible values include: 1+ 5+ (Maybe some more) 100+ 500+ 1k+ 5k+(?) 10k+ 50k+ 100k+ (Maybe some ...


You are correct adb install verifies the signature of the app. If the app has not been installed on the device before the package manager can only verify that the app has been signed - who has signed the app can't be verified by the package manager. Only if you install an update for an app that has already been installed before the package manager can ...


As per stock android code. (AOSP) packages.xml needs to have the entry for installed packages for retaining any fancy priv-app kind of configuration/overrides/updates that we do.

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