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APKs installation failed (stuck), but still takes storage spaces afterwards

I have encountered the same issue trying to install a 1.5 GB game. Go to settings, apps and enable viewing system apps. see if package installer has cache. I had like 3000 MB of cache so I deleted all ...
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Installing Polaroid Cube app onto a OnePlus 12 with Android 14

If GSM Arena's page on the OnePlus 12 is correct, it can only run ARM64 native code: the processor cores in its Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC can't run in 32-bit mode. For more about this, see here. If the ...
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How do I stop Android from auto-enabling "allow unknown sources"?

Use an app such as SetEdit (with the modify system settings permission granted via ADB) to modify the following key value in the Secure Table: KEY: unknown_sources_default_reversed VALUE: 0
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Can I Install the Newer Samsung DeX Version on a Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950F?

Samsung DeX is part of your Samsung Android System files and part of OneUI. It might or might not be possible to get your DeX onto the latest version, but is it worth trying even? The Samsung Galaxy ...
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