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For questions related to the "internal SDcard" used by some Android devices to increase the amount of available storage. For the external micro-SDcard, use 'external-sd'. See the 'storage' tag wiki for a full overview of available storage-related tags.

Most newer Android devices ship with a so-called "internal SDCard" to increase storage available for data and apps. Some don't even support an anymore (especially the newer Nexus devices).

The term "internal SDCard" is very misleading and confusing, as a) a SDCard is per definitionem removable (see also the Secure Digital Wikipedia article for details on SDCards), and b) if you dismantle those devices, you won't find a SDCard inside at all. In most cases, the storage called "internal SDCard" resides on the very same chip holding the (or "internal Flash memory" -- next confusion, as this not necessarily refers to RAM but storage). Not infrequently, internal storage (including the "internal SDCard") uses eMMC instead, which stands for "embedded MultiMediaCard".

For a full overview on storage related tags, please see the tag wiki.