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The Pixel 3 does not have a slot for inserting an Micro-SD card. Therefore you can not upgrade your device. The 64GB memory chip is built-in soldered to the main board of the phone. Replacing it is next to impossible. The only workaround would be using an USB flash memory stick with USB-C connectors (or an USB-A version + adapter cable) and manually copy ...


You can't (possibly) 'eliminate' the contents without SU access. However MixPlorer or ES file Explorer might help you read much of / level contents.


Issue you're facing is mostly because of either of these two reasons: MTP acts retarded when there are too many files Windows acts dumb sometimes (switch to linux) I don't really have a solution to either than switching to linux (as i did) for the latter Now some REAL workaround to HELP you: Connect Your phone and computer to same WiFi/hotspot or even ...


My workaround to open local files on my Samsung tablet is this: Install Ghost Commander from (link) Navigate to the directory where the .html file is, then double-click on it and open with Chrome, Opera, or Samsung web browser. Sadly I'm unable to associate with Firefox for Android (not listed). The URL seems a bit random: content://com....

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