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I don't know the location of this files and also the filetype, but you can try to rename the files and reboot and see what happend, if you face any problems by using an app you can rename it to the original filename.


Though i haven't found specific apps I found method for "powerusers". Dafit stores its information in plain text inside a SQlite database files, there are several tables with apparently no relationship (maybe from code there are few relations). How to extract/process the data: Extract data file from Android Option1. Find the data folder (from ...


Here is how I easily tackled this problem. Go to File manager Change the Name of DCIM folder to anything (eg: DCIM01 or any random name you like) Make Another Folder and Name it DCIM. Restart your phone Have patience, the camera will show you the same problem. Just wait for a while Again open your camera app BOOM your phone camera will no longer show the ...


You can recover some files from corrupted MicroSD Card. adoptable-storage is encrypted, it requires the encryption key from the source device. In your case you are lucky your device is rooted insert MicroSD Card into PC Card Reader. figure out which one is the correct block device (/dev/sdc) with sudo blkid mount your hard drive (/media/xubuntu/...

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