Just tested and ServeStream can open .pls files to play online radio (looks like DeadBeeF Player and Stream Furious can as well.. When you click on the .pls link it should be an option to open with after it is installed. Opening a web-linked .pls: Then ServeStream opens the .pls file:


Since .pls is just a playlist file with the location to the real audio files you could try to convert it to other playlist files and see if you can open them. Examples are .asx and .m3u. If you open the .pls file with a text editor, you should be able to see the location to the sound url(s). If it is a single url, you could try to copy/paste that one into a ...


Use an alternative browser like FlashFox. Its selling point is the fact that it plays flash. Source: Installed FlashFox, opened a random channel on micromusic.net, there were sounds!


Hoping that it's the same radio station and I didn't took a wrong stream URL... AAC Stream: http://icecastsource2.amri.ca/cjab-aac MP3 Stream: http://icecastsource2.amri.ca/cjab-mp3 I tested this in VLC and it worked.


MX Player also supports mms streams, and it's great because you can minimise the application and keep listening to the radio, as I am right now.

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