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How can a bookmarklet be ADDED on mobile Chrome without copying and pasting?

You can add (and execute) bookmarklets entirely in Android Chrome. The caveat: it takes more work than just drag-and-drop in the desktop counterpart. Save a bookmarklet (Android Chrome) Long tap ...
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Is there a way to use PC browser bookmarklets with the Android Browser or Dolphin HD?

Works in Chrome mobile. Here's the recipe: PREPARE Create a bookmarklet = add a script to your bookmarks: on Chrome PC┬╣, then sync (so your bookmarks show up in Chrome mobile on your phone) or ...
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2 votes

How do I disable Javascript in the stable version of Firefox in Android?

I do not want to install any add-on on Firefox unless it is opensource or is widely known to be trustworthy. You're in luck today. Install NoScript Security Suite addon by Giorgio Maone. It is a GNU ...
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Is there a way to use Userscripts / Greasemonkey Scripts on the Android Browser or Dolphin HD?

You can run userscripts on your phone by installing Violentmonkey on Kiwi Browser or Iceraven.
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1 vote

Allow android chrome to load unsafe scripts

I just now encountered this problem. On my PC there was a warning "sheild" at the right side of the address bar, and I was able to click it and choose the option of load unsafe scripts. On my Android ...
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JavaScript doesn't work on Chrome 58 on Android in offline mode

Chrome offline pages do not support JavaScript.. You won't be able to get it to work in an offline page.. Maybe there are other browsers who do support JavaScript but I'm not sure.
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How can a bookmarklet be ADDED on mobile Chrome without copying and pasting?

If I understand your question correctly, you want to: Let users add bookmarklets from your own website in Chrome for Android. To achieve this, you could use JavaScript to add a bookmark from here: ...
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