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If you can still use adb (since you put 'adb' tag in this question), you may try vysor ( so that you can redirect your Android screen to a window on your PC. That means you can use your mouse-click instead of you hand-touch to operate your phone. After that, try to backup your old phone to the network (since now you have the ...


Sorry to revive this year old thread but found a method which seems to solve this issue so just want to put it down here for everyone's benefit. I am on LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11): Enable Developer Options (Settings -> About -> Tap build number 7 times) In Developer Options under Apps section there is a setting called Force allow apps on external, ...


Remove the SD card when, that will stop the bootloop. When you've booted up again, insert the SD card and continue as usual :)


I found the answer in the comments to my question: Appearently, you don't have to put in an "encryption password" when booting up anymore. It was required with FDE (Full Device Encryption), but is not with FBE (File-Based Encryption). I installed a custom recovery and tried to decrypt my data and drum-roll: it works! I can only decrypt data when ...

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