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I'm also trying to achieve a similar task with two handsets. I use unlimited data as my primary home internet. (trying to save money going without broadband) but to do this I have to USB tether my phone (Pixel 3) to my home network. I want to instead use my old Android handset (Galaxy s3 mini) USB tethered to my home network and bluetooth remote SIM access ...


I have this issue when the adb server is running without root permissions. Try: $ killall adb $ sudo adb devices This will run the adb server with the correct permissions, then you'll be able to sideload.


did you follow the official guide from XDA? Check here I would recommend SkyDragon OS inseatead of lianeage The aaifficial guide for flashing TWRP: 1. Install fastboot tools from google's sdk on your PC 2. Enter fastboot mode 3. Unlock your bootloader 4. Run "fastboot boot recoveryimgfilename.img" in command line 5. Copy the recoveryimgfilename.img in the ...


PicoTTS (the integrated speech synthesis tool) has been removed from LineageOS 16 due to the lack of development. I’ve looked for an alternative, but sadly couldn’t find anything on par with PicoTTS, so I eventually resorted to installing GoogleTTS, which I must say does a pretty good job.

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