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Holy smokes, by switching around the Android system language sub order (language #2), I stumbled on the answer. Of course it's totally undocumented so we will just document it here: We simply put the ...
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Change locale system language via ADB in starting from Android 6.0

This solution doesn't use adb directly but meets the end result using automation on unrooted devices macrodroid is preferred choice of automation for me, being simple and free up to 5 macros ...
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Is it possible to run applications with different locales (languages)?

Locales are programmed on a per app basis, For example, if i developed an application with hard coded string characters in English, the hard coded characters will always be in that language... It ...
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Is it posible to change the locale of my device?

Here was how I changed them on my Google Pixel 7: Open "Settings" Choose "System" Choose "Languages" Choose "System Languages" "Add a language" (I ...
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How to be woken up when receiving a text message with an Android phone?

You can do this using Android Automate, an app I personally prefer to Tasker for most things. Here's a screenshot of the flow I used to trigger an alarm when a text is received from a specific phone ...
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