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How do I change the Google Play country?

If you have ever set up a Merchant account with Google Wallet, then you can apparently not change your country any more. What I did was creating a new Google account while being in the desired ...
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How to get my phone to access WIFI channel 13?

My phone can now detect ch 13 on 2.4 GHz wifi. Here's how I did it. I borrowed a local sim card. As soon as the phone booted up, if was able to see the wifi signal. I confirmed that it indeed was on ...
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What is significance of country listed in "about phone"?

Yes, you should change the country. Country mainly affects the choice of apps that you can install from Google Play, as also other apps on Play store (some developers limit the app availability in ...
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How do I change the Google Play country?

Google is making it easier, as reported today, to change the country to a different one. From Android Police on 2018/03/20: Now, Google appears to be taking one teeny tiny step toward making the ...
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Is there an English locale with SI units?

Try setting the locale to Canadian english (en_CA) which sets its units to metric. Things like dates and currency are fairly compatible with the US. You could always set the dictionary for spell ...
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Easy switching languages?

I found this app to be very easy to use and basically works with just two taps. It's called Change Lanuage and can be found officially from the play store. Then only setback is that you'll only be ...
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How to Enable Android phone for full Tamil Indic Interface

Buy Redmi phones. It has pre installed Tamil language. I am using that phone only.Or else Flash phone with Cyanogen or MiUi mod. But it will tamper your phone warranty. Do it at your own risk. The ...
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Could a Play Store family plan block apps abroad on my Google account

Apparently yes. Google family subscription can cause your Play Store to not recognize a new area you are in. I suppose it has to do with certain group permissions such as sharing Play Store settings ...
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Can a Xiaomi / MIUI phone bet set to use dd/mm date format?

It's less Xiaomi than Android 6, which eliminated the corresponding setting from the settings pages unfortunately. The argument is obviously that those formats are bound to the region, and thus shall ...
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Use Macintosh layout for external physical keyboard?

If remapping some keys is enough for you take a look at ExKeyMo. Disclaimer: I'm the developer. It can build an app with your custom layout built-in. UPDATE: ExKeyMo has two modes Simple one to remap ...
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How to switch layout (language) of external physical keyboard on ColorOS 12.1?

After upgrading ColorOS to Android 13 the problem was fixed, meaning: I was able to select the keyboard layout. So it seems it was a bug in ColorOS.
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Modify the Chinese date localization in the quick settings of Flyme Stable (SystemUI.apk modification)

I think that you are doing the same stuff as I do. I have Meizu 16Xs (Same CPU as Note 9) and I'm trying to actually mod the Flyme Beta (Chinese firmware)- which is by the way IMHO more ...
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How to get my phone to access WIFI channel 13?

WiFi Channels are a regionally/country regulatory issue. In the United States the 2.4 GHz bands are 1 through 11. You can either: Change your router's 2.4 GHz band to fit the U.S. firmware/ROM ...
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Will this "SIM Free" Android phone for sale near Osaka (Japan) work in Europe and North America?

This is the JP/TW variant of ZenFone 3 Max - detailed specs here. From the listed LTE bands, it's missing the crucial Band 20 (wide coverage) for European countries and main bands for major carriers ...
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Customize date display format? [Android 7]

Try en-CA locale setting. It uses well-formed English, as well as ISO units and formats.
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Cheaper in-app purchases

You can get Google Play Store credits from Google by answering polls through the Google Opinion Rewards app. Depending on where in the world you are, you can get a couple of dollars every month by ...
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How to add another language to a Samsung Galaxy Chat physical keyboard?

The problem is (at least was in the older and many newer versions of Android) there's not a simple way (to my knowledge - without adb/root) to add language layouts. Even the common ones like Czech (...
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How can I get Google Maps on Android to show metric units?

You can just change the language for example from English US to English NL, a country with different metrics.
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How can I get Google Maps on Android to show metric units?

Open settings: There is a parameter to configure the distance units:
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How can I circumvent regional restrictions in Google's Play Store?

Google Play support says: You can only change your Play country once per year. When you change your country, you won’t be able to use your Google Play balance that you have in your old country in ...
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