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I'm using LBE Security Manager for a while now (as the "lite version", LBE Privacy Guard, is no longer continued and soesn't work with Android 4.1 and above). I first felt it a bit, umm, over-loaded – but it runs decently (no battery drain or performance issues), and after disabling half of its features I don't need, I'm pretty satisfied with it. While my ...


I don't use this Lookout app, so I cannot tell you whether it has this hint somewhere. But I can give you some clues how to "rule out innocent apps", so you don't have to "remove all applications". With some luck, this filtering leaves only a few candidates. First indicator you gave: It happens whenever I connect to Wi-fi/3G. So it has to be a) an app with "...


I contacted the makers and they said it's a known problem and they were working on it. The latest update fixed this.

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