It is possible that some useful contacts are saved in the SIM card, so I suggest you insert that SIM card in an another phone to access those contacts and attempt to contact them.


I am sorry but if the Google account has been removed from the phone it is now no longer related to you. That is the reason you should protect your phone at least with a PIN code. Then your Google account can't be removed from the device that easily. Of course a factory reset can still be performed but then the "finder" of your device runs into the Factory ...


Assuming that your goal is finding out where is your phone, there are multiple scenarios. I will cover two of them: If you can find the mobile phone on "Your Devices" section (find it here), access it and press "More details" so that you can find the IP address. With the IP address one can find the location, bu using, for example, WHOIS IP Lookup Tool. If ...

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