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How can Phones such as Oppo be vulnerable to Privilege escalation exploits

A locked bootloader and non-existent fastboot and most important Android Verified Boot (vnmeta), which cryptographically verifies the content of the system partition, make it extreme hard to root the ...
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I keep seeing a popup in Android: "Install now to control when your device updates" - is my phone compromised?

Google Play Services shows that popup. Ryan M (an employee of Google/Android at the time of writing) commented: [...] these strings are present in the Google Play Services codebase for the update ...
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Application named Athena, green, circular, filled, black. Malware?

GAINING MORE KNOWLEDGE IS SIMPLE ANSWER. When I checked on andriod debugg bridge with adb shell and then pm list packages with following output Now checking the list I come to know that Athena,green,...
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Chrome Android redirects to web.bwanet.ca

Not sure about the Sophos download, but as far as bwanet is concerned, on several online forums (see below) people mention that if your phone is from Bell/Virgin, then that is who is "hijacking&...
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