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15 votes

Can .nomedia be a folder?

Yes. If a folder contains another folder that is named .nomedia, the parent folder will be ignored. The relevant code is here (note to the confused: File doesn't necessarily be a regular file - in ...
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5 votes

Why does MTP show wrong directory location?

What is Content Provider? It seems to be a problem related to Media Providers. As the name suggests, they provide a database of available media in a more organized way to other apps as the Contacts ...
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5 votes

What is the purpose and function of the "Media Storage" application and the media scanner?

Media Storage, package name, is an implementation of MediaStore: The Media provider contains meta data for all available media on both internal and external storage ...
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4 votes

Manually trigger MediaScanner to scan files on Internal Storage on Nougat/Oreo

Note: It is possible the following commands do not work out for you with just USB debugging / shell (uID 2000) user. In that case, you must have root access to make them work. Before KitKat, this ...
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3 votes

Is it possible to have a media folder inside a .nomedia folder?

Oh I get him now. If the .nomedia file exists in a folder containing the folders you have it will hide files in all those directories. For example having a .nomedia on /sdcard will definitely hide the ...
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2 votes

How to permanently disable mediaserver service?

I am not a programmer by any means, but Adups might be the issue. They were in the news today for installing software on phones that dumps data from your phone regularly into a Chinese server. Heres ...
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2 votes

Force specific folder to be added to Photos?

Delete the .nomedia file to force media scanning ( restart the phone. It is then that media scanner database is re indexed ) and it should appear in Google photos folder list for sync. If you don't ...
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2 votes

Streaming audio files from SMB (or AFP, or NFS) share to DLNA receiver without resampling

If anyone else is seeking for a similar solution, I think doubleTwist player uses a combination of android's media scanner and it's own directory scanner to import music. So the method with mounting ...
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1 vote

.nomedia file not hiding newly created images. Solution?

I'm having the same problem in android 6.0 but only in the pictures and movies folders and subfolders. My solution is to remove a recreate the .nomedia after each new download! However if the folder ...
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1 vote

/system/bin/mediaserver and /system/bin/drmserver dont want these but Android disagrees

This is a really old question but I have an answer for anyone wondering.If you do not care about playing DRM-protected content, just replace /system/bin/drmserver with an executable file that does ...
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1 vote

What are the best 3D scanning mobile apps?

In order to do true 3D scanning you'll need a phone or tablet with a depth scanning technology. Without it, the sizes and/or positions won't be correct. Google Tango (was Project Tango) delivers 3D ...
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