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Disable Bluetooth discoverability in Redmi 6 / MIUI 11

Found the "[Tools] MIUI Bluetooth Discovery App" thread in Mi Community. It lead me to Bluetooth Visibility Fix app which seems to be working as expected under MIUI 11 / Readmi 6 phone. ...
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How can I copy my MIUI settings-based backup to my PC?

Well, the files are within the (Internal Storage) space, under path: MIUI/backup/AllBackup/YYYYMMDD_HHmmNN, where Y is year, M is month, D is day of month, H is hour (24H), m is minutes, and I don't ...
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unable to use whatsapp on wifi xiaomi a3 device

Is there an X icon bottom-right side of the wifi icon? Try "forget this network" and reconnect. It happened to me a few times and this is how i solved. Check network related whatsapp settings also.
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How to disable Google Apps in Mi Phones

If you can't disable it normally in settings or the disable button has been greyed out for some reason then I'd suggest you'd follow this procedure given in this MIUI form thread: Disable Google Apps ...
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