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"Mobile data" refers to data transferred via your mobile connection (2G/3G/4G) as opposed to WiFi. It may also refer to the capability of using a mobile data connection.

What are "mobile data"?

While one could say all "data in motion" are "mobile" somehow, it is obvious that we distinguish at least two groups: such where there's no separate transfer fee, like when using the home WiFi network -- and thus where we are billed for separately by our mobile provider. This tag covers the latter group.

Related tags

  • : data transferred in the background, i.e. without explicitly being triggered. This usually includes things like synchronizing your calendar and contact data.
  • : for issues with your mobile data connection
  • : a fixed amount of data included with your regular fee
  • : amount of data transferred. Use this for questions/issues like finding out which app is eating up your data plan.

Other tags for similar things

  • : when using your home WiFi network, this is the more appropriate tag and should be used instead.
  • : another wireless technology, but limited to short distances.
  • : this can also be used to transfer data, but is not wireless.