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Is music bought from Google Play Music DRM-free?

It is not DRM protected source: Is Music Bought on Google Music DRM-Protected? where the first post in reply talks of user deploying purchased app to Dropbox for unlimited use and Does It Matter ...
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Is music bought from Google Play Music DRM-free?

The song is yours. Simply install Music Manager for Google Play Music on your computer to download your songs. I think it's also possible from the website just haven't tried that.
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Is music bought from Google Play Music DRM-free?

Note that they do put a secret tag on their files, which restricts adding it to other Google Play accounts. Say, for example, you change your email address, they don't give you the ability to move it ...
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How can I efficiently move 40+GByte of mp3 data to my phone?

The default path for music is typically /sdcard/Music. Don't be fooled by the sdcard in the path, that's a relic of the past from a time where devices didn't feature their own external storage. For ...
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Exporting call records with phone call recordings from Mega Call Recorder Advanced app

The application keeps a copy of the database with calls logs in the folder where the call recordings are stored (/sdcard/CallRecorder/.db/callRecorder). Prerequisites: Python3 installed ADB USB ...
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Why aren't my songs dowloading?

Try using a different internet browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but I must remember you that this kind of YouTube video downloading method isn't legal and you shouldn't use it, you may ...
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How can I efficiently move 40+GByte of mp3 data to my phone?

File copying over SSH, with scp, is quite fast, depending on your network environment, and is more reliable than adb push and MTP. In fact, copying over network is my primary choice for bunches of ...
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How to edit id3-tags (MP3 tags) in Marshmallow?

You need not rely on the apps that help you edit the MP3 tags easily.. As @Somberi said, maybe the developers could have abandoned their projects.. There's a very tedious solution anyway, by which ...
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Downloaded MP3 File Opens Wrong App

Although annoying at first, try resetting default apps for everything. You will need to select Always for usual apps like your browser etc. Settings->Apps in the 3 dot menu should be "Reset App ...
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Why does my downloaded MP3 files need to be unziped?

Right, when we download the mp3 files using websites like youtube to mp3 etc etc they provide us mp3 songs in zip files. so in order to avoid it, you need to follow few below steps. first click on ...
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How to share my mp3 collection with my family's android devices?

The first thing that comes to mind is network-based sharing. A common solution is Plex. Ideally you would install Plex Server on a device that is on 24/7, like a NAS/router/home server. Then install ...
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Why MP3 music files cannot be played on Note 3? ( It says, The music player does not support this type of audio file)

I had this issue and restarting my phone solved it.
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Sync MP3 Ratings on Android, with MediaMonkey / MusicBee on Windows

For your purpose, I'd recommend: Use Media Monkey on your desktop and PlayerPro on your Android mobile. And if you change ratings or other data while listening to music on mobile (PlayerPro), then ...
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How do I play MP3s from my Dropbox?

In dropbox just click the arrow on the right of the mp3 you want and use the "export" option and then save it to device. Done.
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How do I play MP3s from my Dropbox?

You can use Dropsync on your Android device to sync your device with your music folder on Dropbox. In Dropsync, you pair a folder on your device with a folder on Dropbox. You then choose from ...
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